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IgG1 (Kappa) {Mopc 21} Ascites

[MOPC 21]
Ascites fluid, collected from Balb/c mice which carry plasmacytomas subcutaneously, are clarified by centrifugation and filtration. It is dialyzed, adjusted to yield at least 5 mg of immunoglobulin, then vialed and lyophilized. Clarified ascites are tested for immunoglobulin by immunoelectrophoresis using antisera specific for the particular type and isotype. Approximately 10% of the total protein is immunoglobulin (including trace levels of the host's immunoglobulins), 80% is albumin, and 10% is complement and other proteins.

IgG2B (Kappa), Mouse, Ascites,

Product is the lyophilized powder of clarified mouse myeloma ascites IgG2b (j) MOPC 195.

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